Key Policies


  1. All players who are registered by the final scheduled registration date will be placed on a team and MUST play in every game.
  2. All players who register subsequent to team selection shall be placed on a waiting list and assigned to a roster only if a vacancy exists.
  3. If a player does not complete the required playing time or enter a game because of darkness, rain, ect., an attempt should be made to insert the player in the starting line-up of the next game.
  4. Players on the bench are not allowed to ridicule anyone involved in the game. Players in the field are not allowed to distract or yell at the batter.
  5. Managers shall be allowed to cross the foul line to hold a conference with the pitcher.
  6. The second time in an inning that a manager holds a conference with his pitcher, whether at the foul line or on the playing field, a pitching change must be made. The third time in a game that a manager conducts a conference with his pitcher, a pitching change must be made.
  7. During the game, all players should be on the bench, except for the batter, base coaches, the nine defensive players, and any base runners.
  8. Managers and all players are to shake hands after each game and should be led in this procedure by the manager in a show of good sportsmanship.
  9. Managers must insist that all players are in FULL UNIFORM and dressed properly for each game. GAME SHIRTS MUST BE TUCKED IN.
  10. All rainouts are to be played on the first open date following the rainout. The home team manager will notify the League Player Agent immediately that the game is cancelled. The home team manager shall call and cancel the umpire. The Player Agent must confer with the League Scheduler to reschedule all games, and the Player Agent schedules the place and date of the make-up game and arranges for an umpire. The League Scheduler will have total control of all fields during the season.
  11. The manager of the winning team is required to prepare and submit a game report to the Player Agent after each game. The Player Agent shall determine the format and protocol for submission of the report.
  12. Managers/ Coaches should show by example that they respect the judgment and authority of the umpire. Balls strikes, or other judgment calls cannot be argued. Only the team manager may discuss rule interpretations with an umpire provided that the manager can identify the specific rule from the rulebook. Protests should be avoided by resolving a possible rule violation at the time it happens through the course of a discussion with the umpire and opposing team manager.
  13. Only the manager and up to (2) assistant coaches will be allowed in the dugout during games.
  14. All games will end after the completion of the original scheduled number of innings, regardless to score subject to the following.
    1. 5:30 PM Games: No new inning can start after 7:15 PM, and all games shall end, regardless of the situation, at 7:30 PM with the exception of games played at Ponkopoag. All games at Ponkopoag field must end no later than 8:00 PM.
    2. 7:30 PM Games: 7:30 PM games must end by 9:30 PM, and no inning shall start after 9:15 PM.
  15. After every game, it is the responsibility of each team manager to ensure that his or her team's dugout and bench areas are clean.
  16. After every game, managers and coaches should rake out the field around the base paths, home plate, and pitchers mound.
  17. All games must start with nine players and end with nine players. If a team has eight of fewer players, the umpire shall leave and the game becomes a scrimmage: otherwise, it is a major insurance violation. If a player should be injured in a game that is being played with eight of fewer players on the field, Little League insurance does not cover this injury.
  18. Only the batter should have a bat in his/ her hands in the 12 year-old and under division. NO ON-DECK BATTER.
  19. Use of a helmet by the batter, all base runners, and base coaches is MANDATORY. Also applies to on-deck batter in Junior/ Senior League.
  20. All catchers must wear a mask and a cup during the game and while warming up pitchers.
  21. It is strongly recommended that all players wear a cup.
  22. Each team will supply one new baseball for each game. The home team should also have a good used ball or balls available upon umpire's request to keep the game moving.
  23. Intentional walks are not permitted at any level. Even though they are recognized as part of baseball strategy in certain situations, we are challenging pitchers to pitch to the batters and the fielders to make the plays in all situations.
  24. The scoreboard remote controllers at the Duggan and the Kennedy school fields, shall be operated by a volunteer from the home team. It will be the responsibility of the home team manager to ensure that the remote controllers are returned to the storage shed after each game.
  25. Canton Little League will not tolerate the consumption of alcoholic beverages before, during, or after any game. Our policy is clear and unequivocal.

Zero (-0-) Tolerance/ No Alcohol