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Canton Little League Sponsorship Program

Canton Little League is a chartered member of Little League Baseball, Inc.- donors may be able to deduct contributions under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Canton Little League Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who support our programs. Our baseball and softball programs built upon the State Championships achieved for 14U Baseball and 12U Softball in 2022, and last summer our 12U Canton Baseball and 14U Canton Softball were State Champions. Please renew your sponsorship for 2024 and help us put together another successful season!

'24 Sponsorship Options

Team Sponsorship Deadline: March 1, 2024

Sign Sponsorship Deadline: April 1, 2024

  • “Single”: Team Sponsorship $350

    The Single sponsorship provides your company name will be displayed on the back of each player’s shirt and a wall plaque displaying your team’s photo.

  • “Double”: Sign Advertisement

    $350(1)/$675(2)/$975(3)/$1,250(Buy 4, 5th Free)
    (Purchase - 1 Sign) (Purchase - 2 Signs) (Purchase - 3 Signs) (Purchase - 4 Signs)

    Double sponsorship provides your company with field signs that can be hung on the outfield fences at Crawford, Duggan, Sullivan, Walsh, and Gibson Fields.

  • “Triple”: Combo Pack $600 (PURCHASE)

    The Triple is our best value and provides your company with great visibility, it is a Combination of a team sponsorship and sign advertisement and save $100.

  • “Home Run”: $1,000

    The Home run is a combination of your company name on team along with a field Sign and Opening Day and special event sponsorships.

  • “Grand Slam”: Executive Sponsorship $1,750

    The grand slam allows the most visibility. This includes 2 team sponsorships, 5 field signs with your logo, sponsorship sign at the opening day photo location along with the opening day cook out and your logo will be prominent on the new Canton Little League website.

    Sponsor’s logos will appear on the Canton Little League website.
Any questions please contact

Anthony Chiulli

Pat Murphy

Sponsorship can be mailed to

Canton Little League
3 Cobblestone Lane
Canton, MA 02021